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Water and Sanitation

Hygiene awareness in rural Egypt is low and many people live in houses without access to clean piped water and sanitary latrines. The bad circumstances cause diseases such as diahorrea, which is singled out by the World Health Organization (WHO) as responsible for 1.5 million child deaths per year worldwide. 

In the Egyptian countryside you see women carrying big vessels of water long distances in extreme weather conditions and the lack of latrines causes great discomfort and embarrassment. It is not uncommon for children to relieve themselves in the streets.
Common diseases are kidney diseases, diseases connected to the digestive system, skin and eye-diseases and insect-borne diseases which are all directly related to the lack of potable water and latrines as well as low health awareness among people.

Installing Water and Sanitation

BLACD has been implementing water and sanitation projects since its establishment. As a result, more than 6000 people in 12 villages in El-Minya Governorate have been provided with clean water and sanitary latrines. Currently BLACD receives support from EFG Hermes to install potable water pipes and sanitary latrines in the villages of El Awam, Beni Khaled and Nazlet Hussein with surrounding villages.


Children watch as one of the houses in the village is connected to the mother water pipe

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Words of Beneficiaries

“We used to suffer a lot going back and forth to bring water to the house, but now we spend more time taking care of our children” A woman who received clean piped water to her house/

Water and Sanitation