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Past Projects

Since its establishment, BLACD has been implementing projects in a wide range of development fields. Please see related articles for information about our most recent projects. Past projects also include:

Protecting Quarry Workers in Minia 

BLACD was the first NGO to care for the thousands of men and children informally employed in Minya’s dangerous limestone and marble quarries. Through this project, the Wadi El-Nil Association for the Protection of Quarry Workers was established. The association works to protect quarry workers and support them with the required assistance and services needed to develop their economic, legal and social existence and improve their health conditions. 


BLACD established the Wadi El-Nil Association to care for the thousands of men and children who carry out dangerous work in Minya’s quarries.

Building Low Cost Schools

With support from the Egyptian Swiss Development Fund (ESDF), BLACD implemented a project of building 50 low cost schools in 50 deprived and remote villages in 7 Governorates in Upper Egypt (Fayum, Beni Suef, Minya, Assyut, Sohag, Qena and Aswan).

Better Education for Children in Rural Areas

Following the completion of building 50 low cost schools in 50 communities in 7 governorates in Upper Egypt, BLACD worked with Salama Moussa for Education and Development to improve the educational process in these schools. Training was provided to teachers on methods and styles of education. In order to connect schools with the surrounding communities, parents’ boards were activated and received training. Parents’ boards were further instructed on how to maintain schools. Literacy classes were provided to illiterate parents. The project was funded by the Egyptian Swiss Development Fund (ESDF).


One of 50 low cost schools build by BLACD in 50 remote Egyptian communities

Improving Traditional Ovens

BLACD has implemented a series of projects aimed at improving the environment. Through one of these projects, proper technology was introduced to reduce the smoke and gases produced by traditional ovens and stoves inside houses. The project was supported by CIDA.


A woman enjoys a healthier environment inside her home after the oven was improved to keep smoke and fumes out of the house. 

Saving Water

In cooperation with the Ministry of Irrigation, BLACD implemented a project of raising children’s and general awareness of the importance to save water. School children participated in spreading the message that “A bit of water is enough to satisfy 100”, by making wall paintings and printing and distributing a leaflet.



A girl spreads the message that “A bit of water is enough to satisfy 100”.


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Words of Beneficiaries

“My father used to make me feel like I was less than my brothers but now he boasts about me to other people in the village” A woman in one of the rural Women’s Movements/

Development of Poor Communities