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Soft loans from Better Life for the fishermen to improve housing in Minya

Minia – Better Life:

Better Life Association for Comprehensive Development in Minya distributed group of soft loans to a number of fishermen in the communities in which the Association operates in order to develop and improve housing conditions of fishermen.




Eng. Mina Mokbel, the project manager of "Improving the Housing of the Poor", said that the project works in more than 20 villages east and west of the Nile since 1997 and more than 6500 houses have benefited from it whether by rebuilding, restoration or finishing as well as the delivery of clean drinking water and making sanitary latrines. He added: the Association successful in making toilets with health specifications within these villages, in addition to holding a number of health trainings for women leaders, contributing to increase their community awareness and prepare them to live in a healthy environment free of disease. The Association has also built healthy houses by using environmental-friendly ores existed around them .




For his part, Fouad Saad - the Association's lending officer, stressed that the program is primarily meant poor groups whom the Association work with such as peasants, fishermen, quarry workers, women. He pointed out that concerning the group of fishermen, the Association since its establishment has provided more than 1550 loans whether for improving housing, delivery of drinking water or making sanitary latrines in order to raise the standard of living of the fishermen community. The repayment rates are up to more than 95%.

Better Life Association for Comprehensive Development has got the World Habitat Award in 2010, as a representative of Egypt, provided by the Building and Social Housing Founding in London, after the competition of 9 countries in the semi-finals of the competition.