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To support the Educational Process

Desks from Better Life for a Preparatory School in Minia

Minya - Better Life:

Better Life Association for Comprehensive Development in Minya handed desks today to Nazlat Hussein Preparatory School for Boys in the framework of the Association's initiative to support the educational process in the Governorate. The number of seats is 150 seats to meet the needs of seven classes at the school.



For his part, Shaaban Haseeb the School Headmaster, pointed out that the seats' state at the school is completely dilapidated. We have offered it on to the Better Life Association to support the school with a set of desks. Indeed, a delegation from the Association visited the school and the Association did not hesitate to support us and this is a clear result of the important and effective role played by the civil society organizations in the Society. He noted that any renovations or maintenance have not been done to the school since its inception in 1995, as well as the deterioration of school seats.

Eng. Mina Mokbel, Better Life's Housing Project Manager, said that the Association's support for the educational process comes under the community role played by civil society organizations, where they are active partners in the development process and education comes a top priority. He added that the Association had supplied El-Shurafa Primary School with seats to students to cover the needs of the school.

The school will hold festive for this occasion next week.